Zhongshan Studio City

Oneof the top 10 film and TV studio cities in China, Zhongshan Studio City takesup about 200,000square meters. There are 63 tourist spots in the city making up four generalsections, dubbed “China”, “Japan”, “UK”, “US”, as well as a gallery. ZhongshanStudio City serves a multifunction of tourist sightseeing, patriotic educationand film & TV-making. It is also a concentrated display of how Dr. SunYat-sen committed himself to revolutions in China and around the world.

In the different sections,tourists can find the finest architectural designs from both the east and thewest, such as streets, shops and marketplaces of the old Canton, urban scenesof US, and ornate buildings of UK. Besides, the most complete shooting spot ofJapanese scenes in the city in the current China will make one feel as if beingin Japan personally.

Chinese Theme Area and Exhibition

Japan Theme Area

The UK Theme Area

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